Alpacas and Fleece

Breeding beautiful alpaca fleeces of many colour ranges, focusing on developing quality fleeces. Riverdance Farm also has alpacas at various times of the year, please let us know your goals and we can work with you.

Alpacas bond and make great friends and the friendships they form, they need to stay together. They are all and will eat out of your hand, with small frames and big eyes that just make you adore them, they’re great for human interaction and are excellent with children. All animals we sell are sold as pets and are not registered and are not for breeding. Often we rescue Alpacas and sell them on in the group that they arrived to us in, so their relationships remain in tact. Alpacas can live for over 20 years and are herd animals and must be with other alpacas. If you have any questions, please reach out to us to chat. We love talking Alpacas.