Riverdance Farm Tasmania Fibre Processing Mill

With over 4 acres of natural land running adjacent to Crabtree Rivulet, guest of Riverdance Farm guesthouse have an option to book additional space on the farm for small events.

We are different.

At Riverdance Farm Fibre Mill we’re seeking to interrupt exporting raw fleeces and produce a more complete fibre product on home soil, creating a quality output that is proudly Australian grown and made.

We’re passionate about providing growers with an option, to take your fleeces from the back of your Alpacas and turned into a commodity that holds value and returns profit.

As an Australian owned and operated fibre mill we’re responding to our lived experience of being Alpaca owners and the challenges we found in sourcing affordable and accessible options. We understand.

We are driven to build partnerships that support the integrity of farms being able to say that their products are ‘Aussie Made’ – helping growers to create a product of integrity that has full providence.

We focus on producing a quality, consistent and affordable option.

So you can focus on growing more fleece.

At Riverdance Farm we are committed to Australian farming and the Alpaca industry. And we’re looking forward to welcoming you as a fleece partner.

Who are we at Riverdance Farm?

Hi, I’m Renee, and I have a background in Fine Arts and a passion for Alpacas! Along with my family we bought Riverdance Farm in 2016 and have 32 Alpacas and counting. I’m the person you will talk to, and I’m committed to creating a consistent quality product for you.

I’m excited to meet equally passionate and engaged farmers.

On our farm, the philosophy is to leave this place better than what we found it. We’re on a continual thirst for knowledge, and put to practice sustainable farming principles. We treat our herd with the greatest of respect and we love them as individuals – what personalities!

We feel privileged to be their custodians and that of the magnificent Land of the Muwinina People on which we operate.

As you can probably see, we’re passionate landowners and Alpaca farmers and 2022 sees us planning to continue to expand our herd.

What’s Next? Riverdance Farm Fibre Mill!

We are delivering upon our plans to open the Riverdance Farm Fibre Mill this year.

So 2022 is set to be a big year for this farm.

Aligning with the commitment to providing an option for growers, along with our farming principles and environmental conscious practices, we’ll be focusing on the processing of Alpaca fibre, with quantities ranging from single fleeces to tonnage.

We want to support growers to bring profits back into the farm and are pleased to partner with growers. We understand you may not be looking to have your fleeces processed, so we are also looking to offer competitive rates to purchase your fleeces and establish supply contracts.

We’re keen to add value to the Australian Alpaca industry, and look forward to learning more about your story and how we can work together.